Property Styling Cost: Styled Loungeroom from the Styling Edge

Property Styling Cost: Is it worth it the price?

If you have just started the process of selling your Sydney property you may have noticed a lot of online discussion about Property Styling and Home Staging. Your selling agent may have even discussed their own in-house services and property styling cost and extra charges.

In the past 5 years there has been a boom in property styling across all capital cities in Australia. This means that styling is now something that should be considered early in the selling ‘planning’ stage, otherwise you run the risk of your home falling into the shadows of your neighbours.

How much does property styling cost?

Property styling costs depend on the size and location of the property, as well as how much furniture and styling is required. On average property styling costs start around $2500 + GST for a small 1 bedroom apartment. At the upper end we estimate $8000 + GST for a 5 bedroom home with multiple living spaces and all furniture, artwork and styling pieces provided.

This is certainly just a quick  guide, but can give you an idea on what to budget for.

Sometimes this may seem like an extravagant expense but the benefits of property styling far outweigh the cost. Property styling can add anywhere from 5% to 10% to the final sale price, which in Sydney can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars. See our Case Study below. 

So let’s say you have a property worth $800k. You could to bring in an extra $80K just because you used a property stylist! This isn’t just for the lucky few. We see this happen all the time! (Contact us for the specific details and before and after styling photos).

You need to look at property styling as an investment, because it’s one that almost always pays off.

What is covered in the property styling cost?

Each property stylist is different, but The Styling Edge provides an initial one-on-one styling consultation and quotation. We can also provide you with ideas on decluttering, painting and removals. From there we use only the best quality furniture pieces to make your home seem brighter and bigger. If you look through our property portfolio you will see how each space looks elegant and yet very inviting. We want those viewing your property to really imagine themselves living there and loving the lifestyle!

The property styling cost also includes installation and eventual pack up with our fantastic team of removalists. We can confidently say that our removalist team are the best Sydney has to offer! They take care of your home and are considerate of your neighbours and local authorities (especially in the case of units and strata property).

Do the numbers add up? West Ryde Case Study

We are extremely proud of the amazing sales results we have received for our clients.
(Sold by Michael Dowling of McGrath Ryde)

  • Styling Cost – $5900 + GST for a 4 Bedroom + Study, 2 living spaces and two outdoor areas. 
  • Reserve – $1.8Million
  • Sold Price – $1.906Million Total Amount of above reserve $106,000 

Still not convinced? See property styling in action

The best way to see property styling in action is to go to a Styling Edge open home and see it for yourself. Take note of your first impressions and how the home made you feel. Contact us to see what recent properties we have on the market – there may be one near you.

Otherwise take a look at our YouTube channel for recent styled properties. The team and I hope to hear from you soon.


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