Meet Our Property Stylists – Gemma

Hello! I am Gemma Groat.

I’ll probably be the one that you speak to throughout your property styling project with The Styling Edge.

I am wife to Paul, my incredibly handsome hubby from Griffith NSW. I always wanted to marry a farmer. Unfortunately he didn’t want to be a farmer. Boo.

I am a mum of 2 beautiful girls, Lola 2, and Millie 4 Months. Lola completely runs my life as most 2 year olds do. When I’m not running The Styling Edge you will find me watching Frozen on repeat and pretending not to enjoy singing along.

I love the challenge of being a working mother, and it certainly keeps things very interesting!

Property Styling and Renovating

When I was looking for our first home I attended hundreds of open homes, searching for the perfect place. It was tough. Apparently I couldn’t afford a luxury home on the water with a tennis court, sauna, etc etc.

Instead we could afford a crumbling, possible former drug house with a smell so bad we had to wear masks for the first 6 months. We bought the house on Gumtree. It was the only way we had any chance to get into the market.

So we bought the crumbling house. When we finally got the keys we decided we couldn’t possibly live there and would move in with the in-laws for a few months while we did the repairs. A few hours later we put a huge hole through the wall so that we couldn’t turn back. We decided to just start again by renovating every single bit of the house. After all.. it was built in the 30’s and had ocean views (we totally fluked that part), so it was worth it. To make things even more complicated we were in the process of renovating a 2 bedroom unit, and managed to style and sell it in record time for an extraordinary price.

1 year later (sorry in-laws) we got ready to move back in. I was due to have my first baby and we were moving in to a half-finished house. We had no lights. Not one! Just an industrial flood light that used to get so hot that it provided us with a bit of heating. We also had no kitchen. We were basically camping in a really expensive tent.

In the end both our renovations were fantastic successes and definitely worth it. And it was perfect timing really, as my Mum (and amazing stylist) Therese was ready to start her own property styling business; The Styling Edge.

Together we have used all our combined property expertise to help our clients show off their own properties for sale.

As property stylists we get to do what we love every day, so I’d say we have quite a charmed life!


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